Frequently asked questions

Getting started


Who can join Bloggers Club 500?

We are welcome anyone who has passion for crypto technology and the ability to create awareness for our projects domestically - irrespective of your fluency in English.


How can I generate revenue?

We suggest you cost-per-click system for using banners and referral links. Also, you have an opportunity to gain likes and retweets while conducting advertising campaign in Twitter.

You can make money by posting your personally-created promocode on your favorite website, blog or social net and receive percentage from the purchases.


What I need to have to become a Bloggers Club Member?

You need to have:

  • Registered account on OpenLedger
  • Openledger LifeTime Membersip

OpenLedger Inroduction


What is OpenLedger?

OpenLedger is cryptocurrency trading platform and a trading tool for people of various knowledge about cryptocurrencies and trading.


How to create an account on OpenLedger?

Follow the link OpenLedger

It’s real simple.


How to create backup of your OpenLedger wallet?

Create backup. Click «Create Backup Now» Button. We strongly recommend you to keep your backup in a secure place, that is the ONLY way to restore your wallet.


How to buy OpenLedger LifeTime Membership?

Lifetime Membership will:

  • Allow you to refer people
  • Give you 80% cashback on every transaction fee on OpenLedger
  • Allow you to create additional names

Currently, a Lifetime Membership costs 17611 BitShares (~$70)