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Follow 6 easy steps and start making money

Choose the right media
You can use any website, blog or social nets for advertising. The more popular it is, the more potential for making money.
Join OpenLedger
You need OpenLedger account to be able to get paid. Register now.
Get Lifetime Membership
Upgrade your OpenLedger account to LifeTime Member.
Confirm OpenLedger account
Confirm ownership by sending 0.01 BTS with unique memo to OpenLedger account bc500.
Create Content
Write blog posts, tweet, make videos, podcasts etc. and provide links or include banners you get from your BloggersClub500 dasboard.
Get Paid
This is it! Receive OBITS for each advertising activity.

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Why is bloggers club 500 so exclusive?

And why you should hurry up to join it

Limited access

Only real and approved crypto community members can participate in Bloggers’ Club 500 Program. To become the part of this program you also have to be OpenLedger LifeTime Member. Become the part of this limited group to get the maximum profit from blogging!

Highest quality promo-material

Every week we are creating and updating promo materials to give you maximum opportunity to attract and interest your readers. Plain and animated gif banners are continuously improved be our creative team. You need more? Just ask us, we are opened for new ideas.

Easy to use

We did our best to create simple and usable dashboard for our bloggers. All campaigns are simply reachable from the moment you logged in, some of them have tips. To start working just register!

High payouts

Are you a popular crypto blogger? Or have twitter with great number of followers? Or even Youtube channel? Bloggers Club 500 gives you great opportunity to receive maximum income from your readers. We created agile commission system for you to gain high payouts.

Large variety of tools

Banners, tweets, promotional and bonus codes, video and other useful content - all these tools we suggest for you to use to attract audience. Currently we are working on implementing the most modern and progressive ways of content marketing.

Instant withdrawal

Want to receive your reward now? No problem! Just go to cashout section and define the sum you want to withdraw. You also can check all your rewards through Income Log section.

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